It’s been a while since I posted I can’t believe how fast time goes.

Let’s see, I moved to a new apartment that I absolutely love. It’s 940 sq. feet of coziness. I had been planning for this move for 2 years. I had gotten rid of half of everything I own. I was so tired of  buying and maintaining STUFF. I feel refreshed and renewed.

I then got a new job that I adore. I’m an IT Project Manager and I also am now a Wellness Coach at YMCA! More about that later.

As far as the weight goes….I took the month of December off and basically did what I wanted. Some habits die hard. I gained back 11 pounds but I know now how to lose it and lose it quickly the right way.

I’ve started working with a sports nutritionist who has me on a 1568 calorie eating plan. Very doable. I’m so happy to be eating right again. I can really found out that my blood sugar can get easily messed up if I don’t take care of myself.

Because I ate so badly my workouts suffered. I did my first real workout this week, which was TRX. It was hard! It was invented by a Navy Seal Commander as a way to his his troops in shape when they were out in crazy places and I can tell you my body felt incredible the next day. Incredibly sore but in the right places and I love that soreness!

I gotta tell you. I so truly hate running indoors. We have had some heavy snow and it’s therefore quite icy out there and I don’t want to risk it. They don’t call it the Dreadmill for nothing. There is an indoor track at my gym and I guess it’s better than nothing but I’ve got to get outdoors as soon as possible. I joined Audible.com to get some books downloaded to my iPhone to listen to during my workouts as opposed to always music and that’s good and I’m going to start swimming too. The pool at the gym is 90 degrees gotta love it! I also signed up for a 4 week TRX class. So my plan is good.

My fitness goals for 2013 are to lose the rest of my weight…40-50 pounds and to post in one of my upcoming blogs which 5Ks I’m going to do next year. I’m not thinking half marathon or anything like that right now. We’ll see.

What are your fitness goals for 2013?

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Chillin’ Out

After learning to run in heat, I’m now learning to run in cold.

It was 39 degrees this morning when I headed out to my usual place for my run. It was deserted. Just me and the ducks. It was awesome!

Because my knee is so cranky right now I’m doing a 2:1 ratio and working on increasing my time. I am using the Jeff Galloway 5K program on my iPhone and you have two choices. You an either do a first 5K or increase your time. For me since I’m increasing my time I get to do speed drills, which are hard and fun. When I did my speed drills earlier in the week I did 4×400. I have learned I have a lot of stamina, just need to get my knee in gear.

Today was my “long run” of 3.30 miles.

I’ve decided to add Yoga practice to my workout. I’m going to do it via private instruction with a woman my trainer referred me to. I’ll start with her tomorrow. I’m very excited to see what Yoga will bring to my life. So my workout regimen is now:

  • Run 3-4 days a week
  • Strength train 3 days a week
  • Yoga probably 2 days a week
  • Zumba sometimes

It’s taken me a couple of months to figure out what my new game plan is but I am happy with it.



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How to come back from an injury, Sandra Style (and a great recipe)

I’ve had to lay off the running due to re injuring my knee. So the last month has been difficult at best. It means that I’m not going to be able to run the 1/2 marathon that I had been training for since April and that hit me hard.

So my initial response to that was to eat a pint of ice cream every day and gain 5 pounds over a one month period. After I finally decided to get with the program I took the following steps.

1. I got a part time job at the YMCA. That does several things. I now have ZERO excuse to not work out. I mean I now have a free membership where I know very cool people and since I’m going to be giving tours and have obtained the title of Wellness Coach you can’t really do that when you are behaving badly with diet and exercise, get my meaning?

2. I laid off the running and started again today. I am shocked to find I am stronger and FASTER than I ever was before. What is THAT? I don’t know but I am thrilled. I am signed up to do the Chocolate Run on November 4th and the Jingle Jam on December 1. They are 5Ks and the first one I am doing with my trainer. Should be fun!

3. Turning in my food logs to my trainer. I cannot tell you how important that piece of accountability is for me. But I’m good with it. 

4. Cooking more. I don’t like to cook for just me, but I am. Randy is right. When I take the time to take care of myself and cook for myself I feel better. And when I feel better I treat myself better. 


So my goal now is 25 pounds lost by New Years. Doable? Maybe, maybe not. But that’s my goal and I’m sticking to it. 

Here’s a cool recipe I love.


Lemon protein bars – RECIPE

1 C Oat Flour
2 scoops vanilla protein powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda

2 Qt mix Crystal Light Lemonade mix
4 egg whites
1/2 C Truvia
2 8 oz jars baby applesauce
4 oz water
combine flour, salt, baking soda, protein powder and crystal light in one bowl. in another combine truvia, eggs, baby food and water. mix wet into dry. bake at 350 for 35 minutes. 58 cals each
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Bring the Rain

For as long as I have had this blog, I have only gone off topic one time. Today is the second.

I made the decision some time ago to get rid of most of my possessions and move out of my home into an apartment. Some of it was economic due to a layoff in 2008 followed quickly by a divorce. But much of it was due to the fact that I realized I spent way too much time thinking about, buying, maintaining and replacing STUFF. Stuff that didn’t make me happy.

I made this realization when I was 120 pounds overweight, depressed and I lost any faith that God was there for me.

Fast forward to 2010. Things were better, I had lost some weight, enjoyed my work, I have a great son but my belief in God was still shaky. It’s not that I didn’t BELIEVE in God. I was raised Catholic and I just can’t give up God and Jesus like “that”. I still believed though that HE had better things to do than care about someone who was making bad decisions.

I went through a period of my life for about 18 months or so where I made decisions I pay for every day. What I did isn’t the point. What is the point is that as I have forgiven myself (and it’s taken therapy and one of the most cherished people in my life to get me through it) I have realized God was always there, waiting for me to notice HIM.

So how does all of this tie together with getting rid of STUFF and self forgiveness? As I have simplified my life, the door has been opened to receive what is most important and that is to be able to live God’s plan for me. I have no idea what that plan is. But where I have lived in fear before, I have no fear now. I have pushed through some threshold of pain and despair to where every day I wake up happy because I know God is going to do something for me this very day that I never thought possible.

This is not about RELIGION. This is about my personal relationship with my creator. I’ve been given the gift of loving to write and how can I not write about this? How can I not sing from the mountain top?

There is a song I love by Mercy Me called Bring the Rain. Basically it’s about bad things and keeping the rain coming and he is still there for us. He was always there for me. I just had to look.

Thank you, M. You are my foot soldier for Christ.

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To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn…..

Today I caught a glimpse of Fall. This is my favorite time of year. Right before my birthday every year it starts to cool and the earth readies itself for slumber.


In August I made the decision to go back into consulting. IT consulting is very rewarding for me and lucrative. I loved the people I worked with and the opportunity to participate in the healthy weight challenge but I could not turn down the opportunity to see what is out there.

So between the time I left in August until now, I’ve been in limbo. My food and exercise got way off track for a few weeks. I gained 5 pounds, exercised sporadically and started feeling like I did before I started my fitness journey in April.

But thank goodness, some things stayed constant. My friend Brenda was always there for me as was Randy, my therapist. So, I worked through it and am now back on the road!

I have a wonderful trainer I work out with 2 days a week that is absolutely going to be taking me to the next level. I love the 1:1 training. And I’m running again.  Now that it is cooler, I can run anytime during the day and that is more important to me than I realized.

I have lost the 5 pounds I gained plus some and am actually about ready to hit a new milestone. I’ve dropped 3 pants sizes total since April and my personal goal is to lose 25 more pounds by the end of the year. Totally doable.

I have the Color Run coming up on October 6 and the Des Moines 5K on October 21st. Good goals to have.


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I’m still here, things are going GREAT! I will write more this weekend!

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I first wrote this in 2012.  A lot of new products are on the market now, plus I have learned a bit more over the last few years on how to manage my gear.  First a bit about me so you know my back ground.  I’m 51 years old.  Started running when I was 18, mostly just to impress girls, like most 18 year old.  I didn’t start really training and getting into running until I was about 44.  Ran my 1st Half marathon and have been hooked ever since.  A few years later I took a RRCA coaching class to learn more.  I have not pursued coaching for $$$ because my real job’s schedule is crazy and does not fit, but if I could make enough I would rather coach then work.   I have run 109 total races, twenty six of them 5k (19:01 PR), twelve 10k (40:32…

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Updated Progress Pictures!!!

I cannot believe that the Healthy Weight Small Group is half way through! We have been at this 4 months. I have learned a lot.

1. There is NO substitute for clean eating and exercise. No pill, wishful thinking, starvation and being a sloth is going to get me there.

2. This is not the biggest loser. While there is 4 months to go in this group challenge I won’t be done and that is OK. I will be close. If I can lose another 20-25 pounds that will leave me with 30 to go. That’s NOTHING!

3. I love how I feel after working out!

4. My confidence has soared and I am finding that how I have been treated in the past by certain people is no longer an option. I don’t treat myself like junk anymore and I won’t allow it by anyone else.

My measurements were taken yesterday and here is where I stand (Not sure why I didn’t post June numbers):


April 2 – 254
April 30 – 239
May 30 – 234
Aug 2 – 224
April 2 – 38.3
April 30 – 36.3
May 30 – 35.6
Aug 2 – 34.1
Fat Percentage
April 2 – 48%
April 30 -46.4
May 30 – 46.0
August 2 – 44.2
April 2 – 48″
April 30 – 45.5″
May 30 – 44.0″
August 2 – 43
April 2 – 47
April 30 – 45
May 30 – 44″
August 2 – 43
April 2 – 52
April 30 – 51
May 30 – 50
August 2 – 48

The brown shirt is before pictures and I wore all black today!



Taken today!




I am a happy woman!!

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L-Jay Health

There can be some confusion when it comes to choosing whole wheat or whole grain and the differences between the two. Whole grain and whole wheat look very similar. Sometimes I cannot tell the difference between the two without tasting them. Whole grain has a richer taste than whole wheat does. Whole grain has a more darker texture than whole wheat does.

One of the main differences between whole wheat and whole grain is the process used to prepare the grain flour. With whole-wheat flour, the grain has gone through a refining process that has removed some of the nutritional value . However, whole-grain flour does not go through this refining process, and maintains the natural level of nutrients.

I have done some research and created a chart which distinguish both at a glance.

All in all, in my opinion Whole Grain bread wins in this battle. Some may argue, however eating any food that hasn’t gone…

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This week’s workouts

Update on my week–

Last Saturday I ran with my running partner Brenda and then we went over to her house where I met her hubby and I hung out with them and their cutie pie baby, Jacob, while Matt made us omelets. Yum! As a result I made omelets for several days. I used one whole egg, 4 egg whites, turkey bacon, tomato and laughing cow cheese and when I had them, scallions.


Sunday I went to the wellness center where I did 1/2 hour of heavy spinning! Then I spent the next hour doing strength training. I did the following:

3 sets of twelve reps of each exercise: 

Warm up 5 to 10 minutes ( jogging) 

Bicep curls on functional trainer with the straight bar

Tricep extensions with the rope on the functional trainer

Bench press on the smiths machine ( incline)

Assisted pull ups

Lat pull down machine

Tricep dips off a bench

Ab machine

Ball toss ( abs with resista ball)

Back flies with 5-8 lb. dumbbells) ( squeeze shoulder blades tight together)

Shoulder press with dumbbells

Push – ups

Bicep burnouts with a tube

Back extensions on a ball

2 – 1 minute planks

I met a friend on Tuesday where we did a strength training (legs). There were lots of squats and lunges and my leg swelled up. So I had to skip my workout the next day with my cousin which put me in a grumpy mood. Whenever I skip a workout now I get exceedingly tired and grumpy. 

I was finally able to run on Friday and I ran 3 miles but it was HOT. But I did it. Today is Zumba at home!



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