Meeting my former future self

Today while I was running I stopped and spoke to a man and his wife that were slowly walking the lake. He is 62 and a double amputee. He was out there doing it and I had to give him props. He told me that he lost his legs due to diabetes that he had been diagnosed with some time ago and it was all because of his lifestyle. He didn’t care what he ate, drank or how he lived because he lived only for the moment. He said he is now trying to live for many more “moments”. His parting words to me today were “it’s walk now while you’re healthy or try to learn to walk again when you’re not”. That’s right sir, that’s right.

I ran 4 miles today and felt amazing.

2 miles in


4 miles in…


Coffee time!


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1 Response to Meeting my former future self

  1. Denis Drolet says:

    How far you’ve come.

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