A whole new way of eating

Spring is really here? Wow awesome! I had my first outside run of the season today and it was SO wonderful. It was all there, me and my headphones, sunshine, people that can’t control their kids or animals around runners, it was glorious I tell you!

I have always been very upfront about how slow I am and it certainly hasn’t changed after several months on the “dreadmill”. I ran 2 miles in 29 minutes. OK, but it was my first run and it was not about timing for me. It can’t be at my weight. But the VERY cool thing was that I ran the whole 2 miles, I didn’t walk any of it. That bodes awesome things for me this year. My next run will be on Easter and I’m still just going to do another 2 miles but next week I’m going to up it 5-10%. I also am getting new running shoes, which I am SO looking forward to.

Now, as far as the new way of eating goes. This is all new for me and I have some wonderful followers who know so much more than I do, which is why I follow you right back! So please feel free to help guide me because I am going only on the knowledge I have and am learning.

I’ve gone a week now where I have not eaten white flour or processed sugar (candy, etc.). I do eat fruit because I read that the sugar in fruit is different than the white poison. I had cravings for a few days but they have pretty much subsided. I’m very grateful for that. I’ve already lost 3 pounds without hardly trying and i’m eating a lot! I’m still at 1700 calories and going to go to 1900 on Sunday. Someone suggested I do a BMR test and I have but I screwed up my metabolism after eating 1200 calories for so long that I’m doing what is called a “metabolism reset”.

I have a meeting on Thursday with a woman from South Africa that has a medical degree from there but she specializes in plant based eating. But what does that really mean? Is that vegan? Vegetarian? Paleo? I’m not big into labels but at this point in my desire to eat better labels help guide me because I read and research and I don’t want to waste my time researching something that doesn’t apply.

Here is what I want. I want to give up dairy (I have mostly) and meat (but it will be hard to walk away from fish) and perhaps eggs. But how do I give up eggs? I love them. But….I read that little boy chickies get thrown in a pile to die at the corporate farms because they can’t produce eggs and that really upset me. I read that in Skinny Bitch, which is an excellent book.

I want to eat as organic as possible. I am grateful I have a Whole Foods 2 miles away from me, but people don’t call it “Whole Paycheck” for nothing. It is pricey.

So what i am doing right now is abstaining from  white flour and sugar. For me that is the first step. I will continue to read blogs and books and anything I can get my hands on.

I hope you have a wonderful day. There is always something good in every day we have.

Here is my picture from my run today.


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9 Responses to A whole new way of eating

  1. Ani Danelz says:

    I have few recipes on my blog if you are interested in some healthy, easy meals! For me, I do not eat red meat or processed foods and I do not really enjoy sweets so I cut out desserts. I eat a primarily vegetarian diet, but I will eat chicken and I love seafood. I think the most important part is knowing what is in your food! Good luck to you with all your running and healthy eating.

  2. Nanette says:

    My husband and I didn’t MEAN to give up red meat. It’s so expensive we just hardly ever do. Then we noticed that he would feel sick every time we splurged on some red meat! That should tell us something right there!
    You look amazing, Sandra!

  3. Hi, Don’t give up fish or eggs. Both are good for you. Breakfast is your most important meal. Omelets with all kinds of vegetables would be good. Stay away from any fruit juice (apple, orange, etc. – this is the advise of Robert H. Listig, M.D. in his book Fat Chance – instead eat the whole fruit. Keep at it. You’re doing great.


  4. foodaddictionrecovery says:

    That sounds like the perfect day for a run! Plant based means vegan. How do you do a metabolic reset?

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