To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn…..

Today I caught a glimpse of Fall. This is my favorite time of year. Right before my birthday every year it starts to cool and the earth readies itself for slumber.


In August I made the decision to go back into consulting. IT consulting is very rewarding for me and lucrative. I loved the people I worked with and the opportunity to participate in the healthy weight challenge but I could not turn down the opportunity to see what is out there.

So between the time I left in August until now, I’ve been in limbo. My food and exercise got way off track for a few weeks. I gained 5 pounds, exercised sporadically and started feeling like I did before I started my fitness journey in April.

But thank goodness, some things stayed constant. My friend Brenda was always there for me as was Randy, my therapist. So, I worked through it and am now back on the road!

I have a wonderful trainer I work out with 2 days a week that is absolutely going to be taking me to the next level. I love the 1:1 training. And I’m running again.  Now that it is cooler, I can run anytime during the day and that is more important to me than I realized.

I have lost the 5 pounds I gained plus some and am actually about ready to hit a new milestone. I’ve dropped 3 pants sizes total since April and my personal goal is to lose 25 more pounds by the end of the year. Totally doable.

I have the Color Run coming up on October 6 and the Des Moines 5K on October 21st. Good goals to have.


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2 Responses to To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn…..

  1. Judie Crowley says:

    You look happier and more relaxed. Best of luck to you with your job as well as your weight. From your post on Facebook, did you get to see your dad recently? I really miss him and Alice.

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