This week’s workouts

Update on my week–

Last Saturday I ran with my running partner Brenda and then we went over to her house where I met her hubby and I hung out with them and their cutie pie baby, Jacob, while Matt made us omelets. Yum! As a result I made omelets for several days. I used one whole egg, 4 egg whites, turkey bacon, tomato and laughing cow cheese and when I had them, scallions.


Sunday I went to the wellness center where I did 1/2 hour of heavy spinning! Then I spent the next hour doing strength training. I did the following:

3 sets of twelve reps of each exercise: 

Warm up 5 to 10 minutes ( jogging) 

Bicep curls on functional trainer with the straight bar

Tricep extensions with the rope on the functional trainer

Bench press on the smiths machine ( incline)

Assisted pull ups

Lat pull down machine

Tricep dips off a bench

Ab machine

Ball toss ( abs with resista ball)

Back flies with 5-8 lb. dumbbells) ( squeeze shoulder blades tight together)

Shoulder press with dumbbells

Push – ups

Bicep burnouts with a tube

Back extensions on a ball

2 – 1 minute planks

I met a friend on Tuesday where we did a strength training (legs). There were lots of squats and lunges and my leg swelled up. So I had to skip my workout the next day with my cousin which put me in a grumpy mood. Whenever I skip a workout now I get exceedingly tired and grumpy. 

I was finally able to run on Friday and I ran 3 miles but it was HOT. But I did it. Today is Zumba at home!



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3 Responses to This week’s workouts

  1. John says:

    A good week then?

  2. For sure! I wish I could have run more but I’m off and “running” again!

  3. Woah what a great workout though!!! You keep it up lady!!

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