Here is a great workout for you to try!

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Wall Balls are a conditioning tool and can be a very effective workout that uses predominantly all of the leg muscles, core, and arms. Wall balls are performed alot in Crossfit workouts but anyone of any fitness level can perform these.  If you are looking to see some fitness results wall balls are the way to go. After performing about 6-10 wall balls you will begin to feel the burn and heart rate increase.

I usually do  4 rounds of 25 wall balls (100 total) with a 20lb ball for a really good workout.If you are a new to wall balls start off with a light ball around 5-10lbs and work your way up as you get stronger and more efficient.

Beginner= 4 rounds of 5 wall balls (1 minute rest) 

Intermediate=4 rounds of 10 wall balls (30-45 sec rest)

Advanced= 4 rounds of 25 (30 second rest) 


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