MRI News, Food Treat Days and Running!

So I had the MRI done last week on my right knee. Have you ever had one of those? They are the LOUDEST machines ever created. Plus it took about 1/2 hour of laying very still to get it done. Painless but annoying. I took a shot of the room where I had to change my clothes and hang out while they were prepping the room.


The next day I found out that I have Osteoarthritis in my knee and some patella syndrome. Patella means knee cap and basically its degenerative. So the recommendation after talking to my doctor. — Cortisone shot to reduce inflammation thereby reducing pain (which doesn’t fix the issue but makes it feel a lot better), no exercises where the kneecap is involved ( DO realize I run, right?) and while the arthritis is here to stay the patella syndrome could eventually be fixed with surgery if I needed it. Oh yes, and losing weight helps!

I heard what my doctor said and told her that my mental happiness is dependent upon knee bearing exercise like running. She heard me and understood and basically told me to go ahead and take NSAIDS as I need it but she was adamant I couldn’t do any workouts involving stairs. So it really wasn’t a bad thing to have to tell my trainer that I couldn’t do her stair master workouts while wearing a weighted vest! I’ve ran a few times this week and one day it REALLY hurt but now the cortisone has kicked in and all is well. Yes I bucked conventional wisdom but I’m OK with it. 

I did a 5×5 workout last week 5 reps of heavy weights for 5 sets. Kicked me and I loved it!

Food treat days at work used to be such a focal point of my Thursdays! I gave them up when I started this challenge and I just realized last Thursday that I don’t miss them! You have to sign up on a list to be part of the group to bring in  something. You bring in something maybe every 3 months but you can partake every week and I’m so happy to realize I am walking right by those huge monster cookies and cakes!

Running is going splendidly. Ran today with my pal Rachel and before she got there I captured this!






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1 Response to MRI News, Food Treat Days and Running!

  1. Kerrin (keyer23) says:

    Happy things weren’t worse with your knee. What a peaceful and serene way to start a run … with wildlife meandering by!

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