Run White & Blue 5K

It really should have been called Right Wrong and Blue 5K because there were things I did right and some things went way wrong!

So I”m signed up to do one 5K a month in lead up to the 1/2 Marathon in October. Now I’ve had a chronic knee problem for years and after my 5 mile run last Tuesday it was fine but after doing step aerobics the next day it was not! So I did zero running from last Tuesday until this morning. Mistake number 1.

It’s a nice 5K run. Very easy and flat. It was the inaugural race for homeless veterans and there was a fair turn out. It was classified as a “fun run” and I didn’t really know what that meant so I asked Wikipedia, and it said “A fun run is a friendly race that involves either road running or cross country running with participants taking part for their own enjoyment rather than competition”. Fair enough!

I got up later than I wanted and had a good breakfast but didn’t drink water. My reasoning was I didn’t want my “indoor plumbing” to start on the course since I got up so late. Poor reasoning but there it was!

I got there about 1/2 hour before and ran for about 15 minutes at an easy pace. I knew that my first mile always sucks and I wanted to get it out of the way. RIGHT!

I’m a freak for all the different running apps on my iPhone. I have Runkeeper, Nike+ GPS and Jeff Galloway 13.1 training app. I usually run the first two by themselves because they are similar but  they also track different things. So I got my playlist ready to go and my apps started just as the horn went off.

I do see some very common things from the first two races I have run and so I assume this happens in many. I always start in the back by the walkers because knowing how slow I am it’s running courtesy. So I get the advantage of seeing people tear out of the starting gate only to drop to a dead walk within a minute. And…I get to sail on by them. Love it!

The biggest mistake I made though was I didn’t have my strategy planned. For the 1/2 I am doing a walk/run protocol. So should I run it like I did my first 5K? Walk/run? If so, what walk/run ratio? Is walking failure? Blah. Blah. BLAH. What I did was focus on the mechanics of the race and not enough on the prep work and pure enjoyment of being out there.

They did not have any mile markers in this race and I had no idea how far I had run. These folks are new at putting together a race and it’s for charity and I get it but it would have been nice to know when I reached mile 1 with a visual. However that is why I use my running apps!

I have a beautiful running playlist that I put together that plays certain songs at just the right time in my runs. Well…today I got something else. I had synced my iPod recently and clearly didn’t pay any attention to what playlist I picked because I started listening to some crap Rap song that went something like “shake that ass, in her Apple Bottom Jeans”…WTF?? First of all, I don’t mind some rap but this was way out there and second of all if this is what my 13 year old is down loading we need to have a chat. I will not censor (my mother did that to my Queen album for God’s sake) but he will now have to let me know what he is downloading and we will talk choices. So I had to run to that and it was hideous! LOL!!!

I did end up doing a walk/run and it wasn’t because I had a choice. It was because I didn’t hydrate myself and get at least a couple of runs in before today. However even with me walking quite a bit I was close to my time. It took me 43.12 to cross the line and if I had run the whole thing I would have beaten my time from last time so all in all I’m OK.

There was a couple (husband and wife team) walking behind me the whole time and after I had walked at one point towards the end they sprinted out ahead of me toward the finish line! Ewww!!! NO!!!! He kept looking back at me when I would run and they would start running again. OMG that pissed me off. Try and be subtle buddy! So after the race I walked up to them and congratulated them and they did the same and she said “you were our pace person”!

Very nice.

But now my knee hurts. I am scheduled for an MRI tomorrow night on it and if they tell me I have to stop running I don’t know what I will do. They are simply going to have to give me another answer. In the mean time, Bayer Extra Strength is my rock and protector.


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3 Responses to Run White & Blue 5K

  1. Kerrin says:

    Kudos to you for not making excuses and running it anyway. You could have used the fact you didn’t run since Tuesday, you got up late, etc, but you DIDN’T. What a trooper! And I’ll bet you are so glad you followed it through … and almost equaled your best time to boot! You have lots to be grateful for today. Hope your MRI comes back clean. Keep up the great effort!.

  2. Elena says:

    Fabulous job! haha funny about the music I LOVE that song 🙂 yeah that was a great 5k it ended up being 3.3 so .2 longer but definitley not a bad race! Keep it up you can do it! They might tell you to take it easy with running but I’m thinking you shall be fine! Good luck and thanks for the updates! I will have to keep checking this out now!

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