New PR!!

The great thing about being a new runner is unless you really don’t try, you are going to PR all of time! Tuesday’s are supposed to be a day to train with my running group but Brenda over did it the other day and Rachel is just going to join us on Thursdays so I was a solo runner today.

I really enjoyed it.So much so that I ran 5 miles today, hence the PR! Woo Hoo!! I had minimal walk breaks. It was just the right day. It was 5:30, the heat index was 84 degrees but when I get closer to the lake before the sun comes up it is about 5 degrees cooler.

So I ran around the lake which was 2.0 miles and then took a path that lead into the downtown area. It was SO cool to be running while other people were going to work.

I’ve learned the critical importance of hydrating every single day. I also ate a great pre-run snack about 45 minutes before. The result–I ran just over an hour and  I didn’t lag until the last 1/2 mile. My breathing right now is spot on and I also didn’t get tingly fingertips! I have to say this was one of my best runs ever!

I also bought new earphones. They are called Yurbuds and they are designed to stay in your ears and not fall out and they take sweat really well. Every other time I have run and I get sweaty my earphones fall out. Not these puppies! Well worth the investment.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Get out and get active!

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