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There can be some¬†confusion¬†when it comes to choosing whole wheat or whole grain and the differences between the two. Whole grain and whole wheat look very similar. Sometimes I cannot tell the difference between the…

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This week’s workouts

Update on my week– Last Saturday I ran with my running partner Brenda and then we went over to her house where I met her hubby and I hung out with them and their cutie pie baby, Jacob, while Matt … Continue reading

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Do You See The Difference In These Pictures?

These pictures are taken two months apart. I’ve read that women typically lose weight from the top down and it is SO true in my case! In case you can’t tell the one taken in the office is the most … Continue reading

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So I’m gonna say it here and I’m gonna say it LOUD. I’m upping my game. I’m at the point in my journey where there is no reason I can’t move to 2 per day exercise sessions. So here is … Continue reading

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Originally posted on L-Jay Health:
  Wall Balls are a conditioning tool and can be a very effective workout that uses predominantly all of the leg muscles, core, and arms. Wall balls are performed alot in Crossfit workouts but anyone…

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MRI News, Food Treat Days and Running!

So I had the MRI done last week on my right knee. Have you ever had one of those? They are the LOUDEST machines ever created. Plus it took about 1/2 hour of laying very still to get it done. … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Motivated!

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Run White & Blue 5K

It really should have been called Right Wrong and Blue 5K because there were things I did right and some things went way wrong! So I”m signed up to do one 5K a month in lead up to the 1/2 … Continue reading

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I read this post yesterday and I had to share it. It had a lot of meaning for me, and if you have been reading my blog for any length of time you will know why…blessings to all of you, … Continue reading

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New PR!!

The great thing about being a new runner is unless you really don’t try, you are going to PR all of time! Tuesday’s are supposed to be a day to train with my running group but Brenda over did it … Continue reading

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