My First 5K!!

I did it! I ran my first 5K ever! 

I had finished the Couch to 5K (C25K) program and had been losing weight, 32 pounds at this point. I knew my pace, my running style and figured I was ready as I was ever going to be!

I got there early. My friend Brenda, who is in my small group training was going to be there with her mom to do the 1 mile walk and I wanted to meet up with her before they did it! Brenda is also my new running partner and she has done a 1/2 marathon before and we decided to team up and train together! 

But first I had to get the 5K done. 

I’d say there were probably about 250 people there. My cousin Jim and his wife Linda showed up. I was so happy that Jim agreed to run with me. A couple other HWSG people from previous years also showed up which was neat. 

Jim and I went to the back of the pack and when the horn sounded at 8am we were off! It was weird because usually I am used to just putting in my headphone and finding my pace and off I go in slow turtle fashion. This time though I’m following a large crowd who is getting further and further away as I go! 

My pace up to this point has been around 14.25 and my goal was to 1. finish by running it all and 2. finish in 45 minutes or less. Some of you reading this may be able to run the 5K twice in the time it takes me to run it once but I’m 65 pounds overweight so you can understand why for me, there is no need for speed!

The first mile went very fast. I put on my head phones and Jim had his and was tracking our pace. We were actually ahead of my typical pace, right around 13.00. I felt it too. But I wasn’t in oxygen debt. We started the second mile and at some point in there, there were people coming back already! But I didn’t care my goal was to stay steady. Jim , who by the way, is trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon right now was right with me, bless his soul. 


I knew there was a hill coming up and up to this point I had done no real hill training. Jim and I had talked about it before the race and I was determined not to walk that hill! There were plenty of people in the group I was running with that did walk it but I refused! I slowed down, way down, and I conquered that hill!!!! After that it was pretty much down hill or flat from there. 

As we were starting our descent, there was a cop directing traffic and I knew him! It was a guy I went to high school with (a complete and utter hottie) and I shouted out to him on my way down! 

The last mile was all good. My breathing was back to normal and while I won’t say I coasted in, I did make it! Brenda was there and took a picture of me crossing the finish line and it was awesome to see people cheering us on! That really does make you feel good! 

So I have FINALLY done something that was on my bucket list! I learned a lot.

I HAVE to hydrate more. I started getting chills at about 2.5 miles and that goes directly to hydration.

I have to do more hills and I have to work on my breathing. In through my nose more. I am a mouth breather and it affects me right now.

The biggest thing though is I MUST continue to cut the weight. There is no way I will complete a 1/2 marathon decently in 18 weeks if I don’t. But I know I will. So that’s 4.5 months. I’m going for 40 more pounds. I can do it but it will take complete focus. 






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2 Responses to My First 5K!!

  1. justlift says:

    Way to go! Congrats!

  2. YAAY! Congrats!!!! If you can do a 5k I can do a 5k!! I gotta get on my C25k!

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