Running with My Eyes Closed and a New PR!!

I had the BEST run again today!! Up to this point I have been running about 2.25 miles every time I ran. But we are 7 days to the 5K and I was curious. So I ran 3.1 miles! For me my new personal record is about distance and not time because after all it took me about 45 minutes to complete but I don’t care!

There was one point during the run when the air smelled so wonderful and the breeze was perfect that I just shut my eyes and ran a bit! Then opened them…and shut them again! Wheee!!! 

At about the end of the run I started getting a chill, which is always my body sending me a signal that I’ve overdone it just a bit. The chill has been much worse in the past and it went away very fast. I think without a doubt the key for me is making sure I am drinking plenty of water before and after my run. 

After the 5k I will start training for the Des Moines 1/2 Marathon! Before that is the Color Run 5K but I’m full bore 1/2 marathon mode starting next Saturday!!

New pix showing my new haircut!




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1 Response to Running with My Eyes Closed and a New PR!!

  1. You don’t know how bad I need a haircut. lol. Yours is cute!!

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