My Home Gym

When I started therapy to gain control of my food addiction, Randy and I talked a lot about movement. Movement is not just exercise. We started with the little things..things you have all heard about. Park further away and walk further to get to where you are going, taking stairs instead of the escalator, etc. These are movement steps that prepare your body for exercise.

Randy then got me going on a 3 day a week work out schedule. As I started, he taught me to look at Day 1 of exercise as medium effort, Day 2 as much harder effort and Day 3 as medium effort. Things like, bigger arm movements on my harder day, etc. This was training my mind for exercise for life and then getting my body used to regular exercise.

Then I got accepted into the HWSG and now I work out 5-6 days a week. I don’t know anymore what it is like to live without sore muscles and I like my sore muscles and can’t have it any other way. We work out twice a week with Lisa, our trainer and the rest of days we are on our own. I am running of course, but there is so much more involved in cross training. See below:

With the exception of the DVDs, I’ve gathered everything else within the last 6 months. I’ll tell you what they are and approximately how much they cost me.

1. My black workout mat. $20.00 or so from Scheels. It’s very padded, which I like and supports my body as I slim down.

2. Yellow foam roller. $35.00 from Scheels. When I first started working out with the HWSG my lower back was killing me because my core was so out of shape. I bought one of these little babies and it performed miracles.

3. My new Yoga mat! $16.00 from Walmart. I will use this when I get my DDPYoga set. After a while I will likely invest in a better mat but I just wanted something to help get me started.

4. Yoga block. $12.95 from Walmart. Helps with yoga poses. I love it because it’s made out of cork and it’s a little heavier than some other blocks I have seen. More sturdy.

5. Dumbells. Price varies based on pounds. Usually around $3-9 I actually have several different kinds but just put in the blue for an example.

6. Kettlebells. I don’t remember the price for the 5# bell but the 10# bell I bought yesterday was about $10.00 at Walmart.

7. Video–by far my biggest investment. Some of them are 7 years old. They range from 9.95-24.95. The majority I have purchased at

8. Tubing. I purchased this set of professional grade tubing from It cost around $60.00 but it also came with a free year of their daily workout shows and connectors so you can connect to your doors for various exercises. One of the best items I have.

9. Weight lifting gloves. I sweat when I lift so I got the gloves for stability. About 9.95 at Walmart.

10. My running shoes!! Brooks at Kyles Sports in Ankeny, Iowa for $90.00

11. Pilates circle. $14.95 at Walmart. Excellent for all kinds of resistance and core work.

12.   (Not pictured) Step. $79.95 at I love step aerobics.

13. (Not pictured) Weight Bench. $110.00 at Scheels. OK it’s really my son’s but I use it when I need to.

14. (Not pictured) My stability ball. I use it for EVERYTHING.

So for the days I don’t want to drive to the gym at work or it’s too hot outside I can cross train very effectively with my home gym.

What do you use at home?

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2 Responses to My Home Gym

  1. KINKY! I mean, AWESOME! lol I have a lot of those elastic band/resistance type thingys at home, a few barbells, yoga mat, yoga blocks aaand I think that’s it. I usually download any videos *cough*, and there are tons of free videos online.

  2. justlift says:

    Aren’t foam rollers the best?

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