Kettlebells & Lunges

So today I decided not to run. The ankle is bothering me some and besides I wanted to dig into some exercise DVDs I have. I have SO many exercise videos. I have everything from Richard Simmons (yep, I cannot tell a lie I love his very first and second videos they were the first ones I ever had), Gin Miller, Lesley Sansone, Karen Voigt…so many. I got many of them from I like that site because you can see a clip before you buy and you can also return within 30 days.

So today I decided to use the kettlebell I purchased some time ago but never used. It came with a free Gin Miller kettlebell workout. That was cool because you can buy the workout alone but I got it for free. The kettlebell is just 5 pounds and I’ve been lifting more than that during my workouts so I figured it would be a pretty easy workout. I sweated buckets the whole 40 minutes.


I love working with the kettlebell. I do need to go out today and buy a 10 pound bell because some of the exercises are actually pretty easy but the 5 works for some others.

I have always hated lunges. Being fat and having a bad knee due to fat makes it hard to do lunges. In the last portion of the workout there were lunges with the bell and for the first time I really enjoyed them and could do them! Not that I can go all the way down but I can go much further than I used to and I think with the kettlebell being a stabilizer, that helped immensely.

I FINALLY got notice that my DDP Yoga package is ready to be shipped. I can’t wait to get it. Today my plan is to get a 10 pound kettlebell, yoga mat and yoga bricks. And of course a pedicure and manicure!

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