Week 4, Day 3

Finished up Week 4, Day 3 today. I don’t know why but I’m getting slower. I know I shouldn’t be worried about speed and I can cover a 2 mile distance but it’s still bugging me. I ran 14.23 today.

This morning I took my son and a friend and dropped them at an amusement park before I ran. When I did that it was overcast and 64 degrees. Just as I got to the lake the sun came out and it was rather hot. This was at 10AM. That’s what I ran in. I am going to do Week 5, Day 1 tomorrow.

Here are some things I don’t know about running yet and I need to research the answers, although some of them are specific only to me:

1. Why has my right ankle suddenly started to ache when I run and after a mile or so it finally stops? It never used to bother me before.

2. Is it normal to run slower when you are running in much warmer weather than what you started?

3. My last couple of runs are starting to feel like work rather than fun. How do I make them more exciting?

But I do love the feeling after I run.


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3 Responses to Week 4, Day 3

  1. agirlrunner says:

    Let me try and answer these for you. When it gets warmer, expect your pace to slow. I know the perfect temp for running is 55. The warmer it is, the slower you will go (breathing and heart can’t keep up). You can help combat that by dressing like it’s 15 degrees warmer than it really is (it takes some getting used to being out there like that). It is normal to feel like it’s not fun on some days. When I feel that way, I try a different rout or mix it up by running faster/slower. New music on my iPod also changes my mood too. As for your ankle; it could be if you’re covering more miles or if you need new shoes. Most running shoes are only designed for 500 miles, then the cushioning starts to wear out. If you find yourself running on the side of the road a lot, it may also be simply that. the pavement on the side of the road (in my experiences) is NEVER even. My left knee does it to me a lot. Ibuprofen AFTER the run usually helps (NEVER before; bad idea).

    • Thank you SO much!!! I didn’t know that about heat that really helps!!! I never thought about the shoes wearing out!

      • agirlrunner says:

        I didn’t either. Training in the heat will actually HELP if you do any fall races. It actually conditions your body to deal with the heat better. I hope I helped.

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