Sunday Run & Career Musings

Wow how a week goes by! I hadn’t run in a WEEK! So I ran today and I was slower. 14.25 but I did run 2.17 miles before I walked but I could have run further. I think I’m going to target running close to 3 miles by Memorial Day just for fun to see what happens.


This is how I feel like I look when I run…








I’ve been way off on my diet, actually binging for 3 days. A binge to me now is different that what a binge was to me before therapy started but it’s still a binge. For example, one day I had Jimmy John’s and malted milk balls. The next day I had pasta from Pizza Hut. I still stayed within my calorie points but it was processed food.

The other thing I notice is that binging doesn’t do for me what it used to do. A binge is a way of me stuffing my emotions inside. This was one of the most brutal weeks at work that I’ve ever had in my professional career and I fell back on food but frankly, the food didn’t taste that good to me and I see that overeating is not the answer.

What I think is the answer is starting my own business or getting out of working in technology.I’m not going to do that for a while but I can’t keep doing the kind of work I do. It has nothing to do at all with the company I work for. I like the company I work for very, very much. It’s more that I have changed SO much and I realize that I don’t have the ego that it takes to make it in the corporate world. It’s convoluted and there’s so much more to it but I am thinking about chucking it all and working in a flower shop and a book store. Seriously. I’ve talked to my ex-husband about it because I have to pay child support and he’s cool with it. I think it’s time to just take a year or two off and not think about meetings and deadlines and work on me. I have to think about it some more but there is so much more to life, don’t you think?

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1 Response to Sunday Run & Career Musings

  1. Rick says:

    I spent a few years trying to be somebody I’m not, wearing clothes that I hated and trying to please people I didn’t look up to. I’ve been doing my present gig for ten years now and couldn’t be happier. But yeah, where you work has a huge impact on your physical and mental health. You’re the only person who knows when to make that change.

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