My First Road Race!

I went out for my run tonight and it turned into something a little extra! About 1/4 of the way through I noticed two women walking in front of me. No biggie, I’ll pass on the left and move on. Umm…nope! They saw me coming and there was NOOO way they were going to let me get in front of them so they ran about 50 yards and then started walking again.

I realized right away what was happening. At first I just ignored it and sort of chuckled to myself. But after they did this walk/look back at me/run ahead thing for a few times, I DUG IN. Cuz there was NOOO way I was going to allow myself to start walking. I didn’t care as much if I passed them (although that would have been awesome) but it was more important to me that tortoise runner that I am, that I was constantly gaining on them. I had my keys in my hands and every time I got closer they could hear the little “jingle, jingle, jingle” and that was their starting gun each time. It was great!

Now I will say a couple of things. I noticed that my pace increased and for a while I was running at 9:39!! WOW!!! I did that for quite a while but at some point I noticed I was starting to get into oxygen debt. It was right around the point the two women turned off the trail toward their car so I slowed down a bit, LOL!!

My overall pace has moved into the 10 minute mile mark. I swear I cannot WAIT to see how fast I will run once I lose my weight. I mean, I finally found a sport I can do and I’m freaking fast!! How about that!!

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2 Responses to My First Road Race!

  1. Haha that’s great. Nice little mini race! I hope they didn’t think you were chasing them,lol.

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