Week 6 Weigh In

Well today was interesting. I actually gained 5 pounds. I think it’s water retention from a few things. Not drinking enough water and the monthly cycle. But there are some things that I have slacked off on and they are showing up. 

I have to go back to 6 workouts a week. I dropped to 3-4 and that’s just not enough when you want to really lose weight. 

The other thing is there have been times where I wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t eat my full day of calories. This was a couple of weeks ago. My weight loss or gains always trail about 2 weeks behind and I think this is really where I am supposed to be. Down 9 instead of 14. Also my sodium has been very high. 

So back on the bandwagon. 

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2 Responses to Week 6 Weigh In

  1. Sounds like water retention to meee! Unless you’ve been eating a ton of food. Which I doubt! Lay off the salt lady.

  2. Rick says:

    I think gains are inevitable in this endeavor, for whatever reason. For guys, I think it depends on the microbrew they happen to have had recently. 🙂 It’s important to think long term whenever we have weeks like this, otherwise we’ll get discouraged and give up. Keep up the good work!

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