I’m So Hot!

Really, I am! It was humid out there today! I did my C25K Week 3, Day 2. I ran 2.02 miles @ 12.16 per mile and it was awesome!! I did do the intervals today though. I waited 5 whole days to run and I waited too long so that, combined with the humidity overtaxed me a bit. So I am committing to running every other day right now. But I’m so proud of my time!


Starting on Memorial Day weekend I am going to start running the route where the Flower Power 5K is going to be in June. That way I will know the route. At this point I have only run on a treadmill or around Gray’s Lake but it’s time for me to branch out some.

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3 Responses to I’m So Hot!

  1. It’s fun to map new runs on mapmyrun.com before heading out then you know in advance how far you are going and where you are in the route and can pace yourself. I had fun running trails out by Hy-Vee and around Grey’s. There’s also good trails around Water Works.

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