One Month Weigh In and Measurements

I have completed the first month of the 9 month Healthy Weight Small Group. I’ve learned so much. Here is a peek:

  • This is NOT The Biggest Loser. This means that there are going to be weeks that I work my butt off and stay the same or lose just a little but every week that goes by, I win. This is the longest I have ever stayed on an exercise program or eaten well. This opportunity is about helping us create a lifestyle change. I do not believe that I will be done with my weight loss by the time this ends and I am OK with that. But I will be leaps and bounds ahead of where I would have been alone.
  • The other participants in the HWSG are amazing. There is no competitiveness, just support and graciousness. I’m so thrilled about that.
  • I am a RUNNER! That’s probably the biggest thrill of my life in quite some time.
Today I weighed in and I was down 1 pound. I’m totally fine with that. That takes me to 14 pounds in challenge and 21 pounds overall since I started releasing weight. I’m saying releasing rather than losing because I have no intention of finding it again!
Here are my stats which makes me super excited!!!
April 2 – 253
April 30 – 239
April 2 – 38.3
April 30 – 36.3
Fat Percentage
April 2 – 48%
April 30 -46.4
April 2 – 48″
April 30 – 45.5″
April 2 – 47
April 30 – 45
April 2 – 51
April 30 – 50
That’s a total of 5 inches in 1 month gone! I also asked her to measure a few other things this time so…
April 30 – 14.5
April 30 – 27
April 30 – 17.25
I had a GREAT run tonight. I ran into the wind again and I ran all around the lake but wore the wrong shorts because they started riding up and I got some chafe action on my inner thigh. OUCH! Also the program kept jumping around so my time was way off but I don’t care about time right now. So basically I can jog 2 miles without stopping so I have just under 2 months to get another mile or so under my belt and I’ll be ready for the Flower Power 5K in June!! Wow!!!!
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2 Responses to One Month Weigh In and Measurements

  1. Congrats!!! 5 inches is awesome!!

  2. jimcrowley says:

    Nice numbers! You’ll be flying by the flower power run.

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