What is your story?

Two topics today.

I did my accumulator workout and enlisted my 13 year old son to do it with me. I’m about 144 pounds more than him and he’s in sports so I figured that would be great. It also was a bonding process for us. But not in the way I would have thought.

He crapped out on me on round 4. It was stuff like, “when do we take a break?” LOL!! I loved it and thought he was going to his room and continue Xboxing but he actually stuck around and watched me. I think it was a surprise to him that I was able to do that. And even more surprising to me were two things I saw today. I was able to do a plank partially on my toes and I’m having a much easier time getting up off the floor. Yay!

Second topic. I’m not a huge Oprah fan and shy away from anyone that is self-serving. But she has this series with Anthony Robbins that I have been watching about identifying and changing your story.

We all have a story. It either keeps us as a victim or empowers us. My story for so long has been something along the lines of “because I was abused as a child, I can use that to be afraid of everything. It’s the reason I keep myself fat, sabotage relationships, blah blah blah.” I’ve decided to change my story. Today I feel like I’m over it. I am finding that way to change my emotional state when I need to get into the state of mind that I can call on when I am feeling fear.

Another thing I have heard lately from Randy is “Don’t believe the lie”. Whatever that lie is that we believe that  keeps us trapped. Embrace the truth. Don’t believe the lie.

Tony Robbins is the bomb.

Do you have a story?

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2 Responses to What is your story?

  1. Judie Crowley says:

    Sandra- I would love it if you could leave all of the “baggage” behind you and start fresh. Stand up TALL and don’t be a victim any more. you have so much to live for and to be prooud of. GO GIRL!!!! Love Ya, Aunt Judie

  2. Rick says:

    About 10 years ago, a book called Crucial Conversations was really popular. One of the chapters was called “Mastering my stories.” The premise is that we see/hear an event, tell ourselves a story about that event, then we have a feeling based on that story, and finally we have an action (or inaction) based on that feeling. If you want to change your action, the final step of that chain, go back and change your story about the event that you saw/heard. I even teach this concept to 5th graders when we’re talking about emotion management in the classroom. Developmentally, they’re able to get it.

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