Solid workout today. I went to the gym and did my c25K. I got bored with the walking breaks so I just ran the whole thing! I was very glad to see that a few days away from the gym did’t seem to hurt my stamina at all. 

Food is going well. I have a range of calories of 1200-1500. I’ve typically been staying on the lower end but over the last few days I’ve been toward the upper limit but that’s OK considering my eating earlier in the week. I think I’ll weigh in on Tuesday instead of Monday to ensure that my body has re-balanced itself due to my not eating well last week. 


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4 Responses to Saturday

  1. Rick says:

    Wow, that’s great you’re able to run the whole thing. I did C25K about 5 years ago (back when I could still run) and I remember there being some audio somewhere that I could throw into my iPod that would time my walking/running routine with accompanying music.

    • That sounds exactly like the program I am doing. It’s by I looked at my upcoming weeks and I have a feeling I’ll be ready for 2 weeks out when I have very few walking intervals.

  2. I’m eating the same amount of calories and I quite like it. I haven’t really had any issues, I just have to make sure I choose the right foods.

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