Phoenix Rising

I ate a good meal late last night. I didn’t worry about what I was eating except to make sure that it was healthy and a good protein/combo protein and finally slept. I woke up feeling like a new woman. Finally this episode has abated. Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers. God rocks, She heard you.

Today has been a great food day. I’m telling you there is nothing like a good turkey burger and the cafeteria where I work has a good one that is 230 calories.

I spent some time meeting with my trainer, Lisa. I wanted to talk to her about my week because Randy asked me to tell her about not eating. I told her I am not going to weigh in on Monday because it’s going to be messed up and not representative of reality. She was fine with that. I will be weighing in later in the week. But get this! I’m down a size in my  jeans!! I’ve gone from 22’s to 18 in one pair and 20’s in another!

I”m going to meet my friend  and fellow HWSG member Rachel tomorrow and Sunday for workouts. She is doing the C25K workout too! I asked Lisa to give me a good accumulator workout I could do and she gave it to me. It’s like this:

Squats with overhead press

Bicep burnouts

Squant jumps

Bench press or push ups

Skaters with a weight

Upright row and tricep extension

Mountain climber

Abs on a ball


Jump Rope

Also please note one big thing. Yes I have lost 20 pounds. But I have NOT lost 20 pounds as part of the challenge. Remember, I said I lost 7 pounds right before the challenge started. I’ve lost 13 during the challenge. I’ve heard there is some confusion on this and I wanted to clear it up. I also expect that my losses will now start to even out. I don’t want to lose weight fast.

A big shout out of GOOD LUCK to my cousin Jim who is running a 1/2 marathon tomorrow for the Drake Relays!!! Sending happy feet vibes to you!!!

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2 Responses to Phoenix Rising

  1. Rick says:

    So glad things are looking up! It’s amazing what 24 hours can do sometimes.

  2. sweetopiagirl says:

    Reblogged this on InspiredWeightloss!.

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