Got My Mojo Working

Yea, Uh huh that’s right.

To all of you who left me a comment last night, my sincere thanks. You gave me just what I needed and I think I laughed out loud when I read Lorna @  and she said If I were there, I’d give you a big hug and quote from “The Help”: “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.” =). If you have seen that movie you would have laughed too. I got hugs via the internet, some tough love and kindness and I thank you.

NOW. Over.

I’ve updated my events to the first 5K I am going to run. It is the Flower Power 5K in June. Our Botanical Center is the sponsor and we get to dress like we are in the 60’s. GROOVY!

I did NOT want to run today. It was day 1 of Week 2 in the C25K. But you know what? I ran anyway. For the first time I jogged all the way around Gray’s Lake! I’m doing a 14.08 minute mile but that’s in my second week and I’m damn proud. It was VERY windy and I chose to run into the wind and work harder.

Tomorrow I hit the gym for an elliptical workout and weights. I’ve never done the elliptical before but I knows it’s low impact and I’m down with that!

I’m at the end of Week 3 already! I’ll update my measurements and weight and fat percentage on Monday.




There’s another blog I follow and she loves Sushi and she got me in the mood so I’m having some for dinner tonight! But first…fruit!


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8 Responses to Got My Mojo Working

  1. agirlrunner says:

    YEAH!!! I always get the best motivation from online friends, too. As for your pace; remember, no matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch! Congrats on getting out when you didn’t want to. 14:08 INTO the wind is a GREAT pace, actually. Good luck with your first (sounds AMAZING and fun) 5K.

  2. Nanette says:

    I loved Lorna’s quote, too. So great 🙂 All I’m going to say today is F’n A Girl, You Rallied Like A Pro! 🙂

  3. I’m glad we could help, we’ll be here for you! Enjoy your dinner 😉

  4. Rick says:

    It’s amazing how fast the weeks go, isn’t it? It’s impressive how quickly you’re picking up your running. Keeping your cardio up will go a long ways for your weight coming off. Keep up the good work!

  5. John says:

    Hey, compare the pic in this post to one from a few months ago-you might be surprised to see “definition” showing up in your facial features! Say it with me, “definition”! No thinking fat is ok just because it plumps up our little lines!

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