Sit On It

Instead of our typical warm up on the treadmill, Lisa moved us today to the cycle room.

Now, I like Spinning in theory, but my..ahem…sit bones do not. One thing I like about how they do spinning where I work is that they turn the lights down and the music up. Not sure why they do it that way but it sorta gave me a “bike in a cocktail bar” type of feeling 😉

I”m intrigued enough by it to try it on my off time when I am doing my own training. Not really ready for a class yet.

It was tricep and back day today. We went two rounds and ended with core work. Still doing my planks on my knees but this weekend I am going to go slow and try and get up on my toes. We did side planks too and that seemed a bit easier.

I measured my body fat today and I’ve gone from 48% to 47.3% in two weeks so I’m moving in the right direction!

Next week we have a baseline test again of sit-ups and push-ups and we get measured!

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1 Response to Sit On It

  1. I haven’t spun yet. It sounds so intimidating.

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