Week 2 Weigh In and a Rant

This morning we did more Tabata training. It was actually a fun workout. Hard as usual but fun! It’s interesting but the more fit I get, the more I sweat. I had buckets of sweat coming off of me today.

The workout was like this (6 rounds total):

Tabata treadmill warmup. Run 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, etc. That was AWESOME.
crunches on the ball
back extensions,
bicep curls with tubing
back slap punching
bicep curls with dumbells while standing on an unbalanced board you need to keep balanced. 
Tricep flys

Time for the weigh in. I was pretty well mentally prepared for anything. So I thought. I had dropped 8 pounds this last week! Wow! So a total of 9 in two weeks. I’ll take that! That puts me now at 244 pounds! I am 6 pounds away from the lowest weight I have been in 13 years. That will be a great day!! Obviously I don’t expect that kind of loss every week but after last week’s debacle I am very happy!

OK so my rant…

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately on fitness. There are many good ones out there. I’m talking about blogs that are trying to help get people more fit, not like mine where I’m writing my own personal story.

But man oh man there are some blogs out there that make me question how some people go through life. There are a few that I read that said..no kidding….that YOU MUST DO WHAT I SAY OR IF YOU DO NOT THEN REMOVE ME NOW. What the HELL is that?  I don’t know how these people grew up or if they have any empathy at all but I am appalled at how ridiculous they are!

I guess some people think that a “tough love” approach is the best way to go. And many of these people have questionable backgrounds. I mean, because you have some degree in a medical field (aside from a nurse or doctor) that immediately makes you qualified to give advice? They forget or more likely do not consider the mental component of weight loss or they would not heap abuse on people. We fat people heap enough abuse on ourselves we don’t need some random blogger to chime in. Especially if they have never struggled with a weight issue.  It is mean and they should be ashamed of themselves. They are no better than the people who hate fat people. They are bullies and it pisses me off. 

OK, rant over. 🙂





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7 Responses to Week 2 Weigh In and a Rant

  1. HOLY SCHNIKES, WOMAN! I had a feeling you were going to have a really good week, but WOW! That is huge! SO happy for you. I know that’s got to feel wonderful.

    I LOVE tabata workouts, too. So fun! You’re discovering all kinds of cool stuff.


  2. John says:


    Tee hee, you knew my Navy Diver EOD side would jump all over that! 😉

    Congrats on the weight loss, and hope it’s mainly fat, not water or muscle. And welcome to the wonderful world of Tabatas. I nearly killed my pastor with them once upon a time before he got hooked. He just recently bought a weight set, set it up in his garage, and then had to hear me confess my covetousness since my garage is a storage unit and not my gym yet.


  3. Rick says:

    That’s a fantastic weight loss! And yeah, I just hope these people that operate so narcissistically on these web sites are only doing so because they can’t get anybody who will take their orders in real life.

  4. I totallly agree! I made a ranty post like this a few days ago. –> http://tryingnottobefat.com/2012/04/15/my-thoughts-on-diet-and-health-blogs/

    also congrats on the loss!! You rock!

  5. poshpiggy says:

    well done you are doing great !!! really amazing to stumble upon another C25K blog on here – check out mine goodphat.wordpress.com

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