Week 2 Musings

So tomorrow is my 2nd weigh in. Based on my last week’s weigh in reaction, I have decided to wrap up each week with thoughts about what I have learned and non-scale victories (NSV) I have had. So no matter what the scale looks like, I am reminding myself of the progress I am making.





I can tell my conditioning is getting a little bit better. My lower back is not hurting me anymore. I am also able to get through my C25K runs without having to make any stops. I’m also able to come up further on my crunches. So those things from an exercise perspective are really good.

My sugar cravings are virtually gone. I am looking forward to learning more about diet and nutrition and applying those ideas to my diet. I plan on cooking with Tofu one night this week. I’ll post the recipe here. I think having a vegan meal is something that I want to shoot for.

My caffeine habit is dramatically reduced. I used to drink coffee all day and diet soda all night. Now I’m lucky if I get a small coffee in during the day and one soda at night. Mostly it is because my body is craving water and I want to get that in first.

My mind is calming  just a bit. I think that the exercise and therapy combination for me is critical to my success. It’s far from where I want it to be but it’s great to see the start of the promise.

I’ve stopped eating carbs after 3pm.


I wish my knees would stop hurting after I work out. I know as the weight peels off, the knees will get better but they hurt every day. I won’t stop jogging, I will just take my Tylenol.

To be able to drink half my body weight in water every day. I’m taking in a lot now every day but can always drink more.

To continue to learn how to love and accept myself. Randy says that if I don’t love and accept myself now, I won’t when I am fit. It’s a point he and I disagree on because I believe that I hate myself because I am fat but he’s the expert and I don’t want to wait to love myself. I don’t enjoy the process of self-loathing.

Continue to meditate. It calms my mind and keeps me in the present. I love meditating.

Get through my first 5k at the end of June. The goal is to run it all, but I need to be VERY kind to myself if I need to walk part of it. But I’m not going to shift to future thinking right now, just living in the present.


Nothing I just stated had anything to do with weight or body size. I’m pushing that to tomorrow and not thinking about it today. 34 weeks to go in the challenge but that’s just the warm-up. It doesn’t end there.






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4 Responses to Week 2 Musings

  1. Be careful with knee pain, high impact stuff like running can mess with your joints, and once that stuff is worn away it really sucks.

  2. Rick says:

    I can’t run anymore. And I ran cross country in high school, so that exercise has been a good one for me over the years. Not anymore, though. I had to give it up when I turned about 40 because of some back/hip/ankle issues. I hate getting old. 😐

    I like your concept of NSV, it’s a much shorter version of something I call “intangibles”, those things that you notice and give you a sense of accomplishment, but can’t really quantify easily. For me, it’s how my belt feels, or getting up a flight of stairs without getting winded, stuff like that. Keep up the good work, and good luck on the running!

  3. Judie Crowley says:

    Good luck on the scale. Be kind to your knees you eed them!!!!

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