Eye of the Tiger

Big workout today. Big.

I started with my week one, day 2 of C25K. and I had to run indoors again. ūüė¶ I refuse to wear my shoes out in the rain right now but when I buy a new pair at some point I will run in the rain. I figured out that when I am outside I don’t pay attention to my pace but on the treadmill I feel compelled to track it. Once I figured that out though, I was able to ignore it and listen to my body.

I worked out at the gym where I work and it was deserted today so I was able to crank up my tunes and not wear my headphones. I have quite an eclectic mix of music on my iPhone. I have playlist I call “Motivation”. They are songs that say things to me and help me enjoy my workouts. Lots of songs on that list so no two workouts are alike.

Today, a song played that I love. Oldie but…well, you know the rest. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. I suppose you could say it’s kind of corny to play a song from the Rocky movies but I was a kid when they came out and I loved them. Still do.

Rocky I through Rocky IV anyway.

So many times, it happens too fast
You trade your passion for glory
Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive

                        Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

This song helped me focus.

After my run–well technically a walk/jog combo but I call it running, I did what is called an Accumulator workout. Here’s how it works.

There are 10 exercises and you do each exercise 10 times and you keep adding as your routine goes on.


1.)    Squats

2.)    Ab crunches

3.)    Lunges

4.)    Oblique twists

5.)    Mountain climbers

6.)    Bicycle abs

7.)    Push ups

8.)    Bicep curls ( if you have hand weights or a tube)

9.)    30 sec. plank

10.) Pretend jump rope or jump rope for a minute

So your sequence would be like this: Round one 10 squats, round 2 10 squats, 10 ab crunches, Round 3 10 squats, 10 ab crunches, 10 lunges, Round 4 ‚Äď 10 squats, 10 ab crunches, 10 lunges, 10 oblique twists‚Ķetc. By the time I was done I had done 100 squats. WOW!

After that I spent some time lifting weight and then home. All in all, about one hour. Then I went home.

And took a nap.



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3 Responses to Eye of the Tiger

  1. Great job Sandra! I too have Eye of the Tiger on my Ipod. Makes me feel tough! I punch the air to the beat!

  2. Bur says:

    Awesome, and a good workout. Laughed at the closing line-well put!

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