At the Courthouse

I am sitting here waiting to get into traffic court. Got ticketed for not having proof of insurance so taking it in to get the ticket dismissed.

Quite an eclectic group of Iowans here today.

Cranky people who think that it’s the court’s fault they are here, young men with baggy pants almost at thigh level it seems– if they only knew that wearing pants that way is prison lingo for Bubba to “take me now big boy”. And the endless line of traffic court schmoes like me.


I’m first in line!!

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2 Responses to At the Courthouse

  1. Aahaha! I only read part of the post before I was going to comment, but you already beat me to it with the baggy pants comment. EVERY time i see kids with baggy pants I think of the prison thing!

  2. It’s rampant around here for sure.

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