Losing weight at Therapy

I think my therapist is the bomb. He has clients that have several types of neurosis but specializes in binge eating disorder. 

I was sick pretty much all day today only feeling better around 2pm. So went off to therapy because I needed to talk over yesterday with him.

One of the things I really like about Randy is he walks his clients. We went for a 40 minute walk today it was a power walk. Try power walking while having therapy…it’s awesome!

He reminded me that 2 months ago I was at 262 and I been eating better and working out before I started this program so I had already had my “big loss”. OH YEA! 

So, consequently my body is performing as it is supposed to. 

Tomorrow we have weights for training and I am picking up on my C25K. 

Saturday I start group therapy! Randy is rolling this out around the topic of binge eating and there are 11 in  this group. It is a 3 month program and I am totally excited!!

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2 Responses to Losing weight at Therapy

  1. Judie Crowley says:

    I am SO PROUD of you, Sandra. You CAN DO IT!! A slow weight loss is healthier for you so do not dispair!!!

  2. That’s interesting for a therapist to do, but I think it’s SUCH a great idea!!

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