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What is your story?

Two topics today. I did my accumulator workout and enlisted my 13 year old son to do it with me. I’m about 144 pounds more than him and he’s in sports so I figured that would be great. It also … Continue reading

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Solid workout today. I went to the gym and did my c25K. I got bored with the walking breaks so I just ran the whole thing! I was very glad to see that a few days away from the gym … Continue reading

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Phoenix Rising

I ate a good meal late last night. I didn’t worry about what I was eating except to make sure that it was healthy and a good protein/combo protein and finally slept. I woke up feeling like a new woman. … Continue reading

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This Week

I’m mindful of the fact that people read my blog and I’m grateful for it. I have no doubt though, that my blog posts are not very happy and upbeat this week. I’m not myself and I know it. So … Continue reading

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The Perils of Perfectionism – A Glimpse into Therapy

After my disappointment over the whole ex-boyfriend thing last week, I went into therapy today to try and figure out what was going on. I knew that he is not the type of guy I need. In order for me … Continue reading

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Weight Update

Wow what a week so far! I was sick Monday and didn’t get weighed in until this morning but when I did I was down another 4 pounds! Yeah! That puts me at 13 during the challenge plus the 7 … Continue reading

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Sunday Update

Yesterday I met up with a new friend and fellow HWSG member, Gretchen to work out. It’s really fun to do weights with a friend. We had some girl chit chat too and I really enjoyed that. There are some … Continue reading

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Got My Mojo Working

Yea, Uh huh that’s right. To all of you who left me a comment last night, my sincere thanks. You gave me just what I needed and I think I laughed out loud when I read Lorna @ fumblingtowardsfitness.comĀ  and … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This Program….

This turned into a non-workout day today. I hate that fact I was literally swamped from the time I got up this morning until just this very moment. So I’ll work it every day from tomorrow through Sunday. I found … Continue reading

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Sit On It

Instead of our typical warm up on the treadmill, Lisa moved us today to the cycle room. Now, I like Spinning in theory, but my..ahem…sit bones do not. One thing I like about how they do spinning where I work … Continue reading

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