39 hours and counting

Come 9:00 Monday morning I will be with my small group having our first workout!

Before that happens here are some tasks I need to do:

  • Have my friend Julie take some pictures of me
  • Drink wine (my last for a while–at least initially)
  • Plan my menu for the week and shop for what I need
  • Determine what things I want to keep in my locker at the gym
  • Pack my lunch and my gym bag
  • Meditate
  • Do one final blog posting
  • Pray for focus and give thanks for the blessing of being able to participate in this activity

I also just got this little baby in the mail today. One of my small group buddies turned me on to it. Much better than the BodyBugg I had before!



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1 Response to 39 hours and counting

  1. John says:

    The scale looks cool, but remember of the three things it tells you, body fat % is the first to track, then weight, then BMI. BMI doesn’t know the difference between water weight/recent big meal, fat or lean muscle.

    Working through the four types of workouts-let me know what you think, appreciate feedback.

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