It’s a Very Fine Line

Well, several of them actually.

I’ve heard this rumbling that once you reach age 40 you have to make a choice; it’s your face or your figure.


Conventional wisdom states that once you lose weight from your face that your fine lines start showing up more or becoming more deep. One might actually develop the dreaded “Turkey Neck”.

I’ll just put it out here. That. FREAKS. ME. OUT.

When I first heard about it I went went to my doctor and asked her about it. She said that tends to be genetic and the one thing about my face is that it’s not overly fat. So she doesn’t think I will need to be pardoned by the President at Thanksgiving time!

But the reality is that I have fine lines as we do as grow older. If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m vain as hell. That means I have no problem going and getting some Botox from time to time on some particular crow’s feet that causes me angst. Botox is injected using tiny little needles and it barely hurts, just a pin prick.

But Turkey neck aside, it’s highly logical that the wrinkles that are currently being puffed out by my subcutaneous fat will be out front for all to see.

So, once I lose the weight is this what my Botox treatments will be like?

Cuz that just ain’t cool!

Would I rather have a few extra lines than a fat ass? Well yes of course. But I’m a bit sulky right now at the knowledge that I am going to look my true age and not the 10 years younger I look now.

This is one part of losing weight I have to really get used to. The shifting and changing of my body and the acceptance that goes along with it.

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5 Responses to It’s a Very Fine Line

  1. John says:

    Fat does plump out our faces, but everyone will show lines and wrinkles differently. One poster on a lifting forum has already committed to replacing some “fat stores” she will lose losing weight and getting toned, but that’s in another area! But the key question is, do you want to maybe look a little older, or enjoy getting older?

  2. I want to be a hottie! But I understand exactly what you are saying and of course it’s the latter. Changing your perception of what you look like even if it is for the better takes time to mentally accept. I’m just starting that process. Since I know I am doing it right and not crash dieting so there will be less stress on my face.

  3. Rick says:

    Yeah, these 40’s get to us one way or another.

  4. Rick says:

    Oops, that last comment was supposed to link back to my weight loss blog. Maybe I’ve got one too many blogs to deal with these days. 🙂

  5. I hear that! And yes they do! You are doing great! Congrats on 11 down!

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