I’ve been declared UNFIT

But at 250 pounds, whadda ya expect?

I met yesterday with my trainer, a wonderful woman by the name of Lisa. Before we start our program we need to have a baseline fitness assessment with her. Makes sense, because you don’t know where you are going until you know where you have been and it also gives your trainer something to work with, although in my case this gal has her hands full LOL.

I got weighed, measured and my body fat percentage taken. I now know why the one time I sat in a hot tub my body floated up and I couldn’t sit down. I’m 48% fat! Fat rises to the surface, just check your pot next time you boil a chicken! 🙂

I also did a sit up test where the goal is to have you do a complete sit up as many times as you can in one minute. Not a crunch, a sit up. Well I could only do crunches because of poor strength but also because I have a belly that got in the way.

Then we did the push up test. While it’s true I want to do the perfect push-up, I need first to be able to do the girlie push up. Eh..rough LOL. The idea of doing the perfect push up is about power and strength for me. I know I’ll build up to it and again no biggie.

Then I had to do a sit and reach test that tests your flexibility. The result is that I was told I am very tight in my hamstrings and lower back. I think doing some Yoga should help with that.


The last part was I walked a mile, which I did OK on. So now I have my baseline!

We start Monday and I look forward to sharing my progress with you. I’m also going to have a friend take a bunch of pictures and I’ll get them posted so you can see me in all my glory!!!

I appreciate your support. Feel free to comment, ask questions and please follow!!

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7 Responses to I’ve been declared UNFIT

  1. Paula Snell says:

    I commend you for getting started. I know we really don’t know each other but, in many ways your story is my story. 2.5 yrs ago I walked into a gym and joined…also joined a circuit strength training class. Now, I am in the gym lifting 3 days a week and in the pool doing aerobics for an hour 3 days a week. I have completed 8ks and continue to move. I still have osteo arthritis and plantar fasciitis but, I move every day.
    You can do it!!!!

  2. maggieat40 says:

    Hang in there! Biggest thing is that you showed up. Two points for that!

  3. Lorna says:

    Hi Sandra! I am really excited for you! It’s really cool that you’ve got your starting point so you can really see how far you’ve come. I wish I could have done such a thing. You’ll be seeing changes in no time! Can’t wait to see your progress!


  4. Thanks Lorna! It was a pretty sad baseline but only one way to go from here LOL! I really enjoy reading your blog!

  5. John says:

    Thanks for inspiring me, and the sit reach test in my assessment a little over a decade ago got me doing yoga. You will love it, both for what it does physically and your spiritual sensitivities. Am keeping up to date and can’t wait to see the tickerfactory bar start to move, as it will soon!

  6. Well YOU inspire ME! I’ve followed you for a while now and I look forward to reading your new blog!

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