The Beginning of the End

When I started my new job at “ACME” I knew that I wanted to use the wellness program to my advantage. The company was into its second year of what they call a Healthy Weight Small Group.

This 9 month program provides an opportunity for 12 people to be provided with personal training and dietitian support. The program is well publicized on the company intranet and people have been making amazing strides.

This year I decided to apply. My cousin had been selected to go through it last year and his transformation was astounding. He dropped around 80 pounds and found his inner personal trainer. I think it was watching him go through this that gave me the courage to apply.

Here is my entry:

I want to perform the perfect push up. Not a girlie push up either. I’m a single mom of an amazing 13 year old boy. As he has started to become more independent I have started looking at my life; who I am and want to be. I admit that weight loss in the past has been a second or third priority behind raising my son or other things “more important than my health”! I haven’t put on a swim suit for 14 years and I love swimming! I have running a 5K on my bucket list and haven’t done that yet. I want to do a tandem jump before I turn 50 but they have weight limits. Riding a horse? Well I’m an animal lover and wouldn’t wish me on any horse right now. I am not living my dreams, merely existing. But oh, so hopeful. I’ve found out starvation diets don’t work. Diet pills don’t work. Eating processed foods in perfectly proportioned boxes is no way to live. I’m beginning to understand this concept of eat less/ move more and I’m buying into it. I love being connected to people and the idea of doing this with a small group is incredibly motivating and exciting. I’ve learned that if I don’t put my health first, I will never be able to maximize my potential. I want to find out who I really am when I am at my best. I’m ready. I’ve never been more ready than I am now to succeed. And do that push up.


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5 Responses to The Beginning of the End

  1. Brian says:

    WOW….just amazing to read. You WILL do it!

  2. Rick says:

    That’s awesome! Getting ready to read your bucket list now. Maybe I’ll do one of my own, who knows?

  3. that was an AWESOME essay! I’m so glad you got picked!! I can’t wait to see what the coming year brings for you.

  4. Denis P. Drolet says:

    Is it possible to feel joy for another person? If so, this is a joyful moment, bravely started and filled with hope for the future.

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